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DIY Wall Decor Origami Hearts


  • 1 pair of Scissors
  • 1 Pencil
  • As many different pages of Origami Paper as you like
  • Enough Cardstock Paper to glue onto the back of your hearts
  • Glue Gun/any type of adhesive fit for your object you want to decorate

1. Fold your piece of Origami Paper horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Then unfold it.

2. Now folllow one of your diagonal folds and fold it again, then (after you see a triangle) follow the rest of the folds that you see until you have no more folds left to follow. It should look like this. (Above)

3. After you get the small triangle, draw a shape which should look like half of a heart on the edge of your triangle (IMPORTANT: This edge should be on the side where two pieces separate and are even.)

4. Cut your shape out, and unfold the hearts. Once this is done, you should see four equal hearts choose which ones you want to keep, and throw away the extra ones. (This is not necessary, but I prefer to do it.) You may also want to keep the piece of scrap because I will be uploading a post on that soon.

5. You can choose to finish here and stick it on the wall, but if you would like the hearts to be stronger, trace the hearts out on your piece of Cardstock Paper and stick heart-shaped Cardstock on to your Origami heart. (You will need to fold the Cardstock Paper before sticking it on.)

6. Time to decorate! Although the name of this project is called “Wall Decorating Hearts”, you can practically stick it anywhere. If you still want to follow along, here’s how you stick it on the wall: Fold your heart inwards and apply hot glue to the spine (fold/center) press firmly on to your desired position and you are done!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy! 😉


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