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DIY Christmas Card

Wow! Is Christmas almost here? Well start getting your hands on cards for friends and family members to welcome the warmth and coziness into your all-ready-and-decorated-house-for-Christmas (or not). This DIY is going to show you how to do so, in fact how to do so absolutely wonderfully.


  • Colored Paper for the base of the card (I use the brand BAZZILL. You can visit or  go to Michael’s to buy it )
  • Additional Colored Paper for decoration (you won’t necessarily need it, but you know… )
  • Glue
  • Markers/Pens
  • Siscors 
  • Pen Knife

1. Take out your BAZZILL Paper and with a pair of sicsors, carefully snip away the bar code and other printed words. Then fold it in half. When you are done doing that, write something on the front. It may be as simple as ‘Merry Christmas’, or as a matter of fact, anything you want!

2. For the letter’s body, you can stick a peice of colored paper and write on top of that. This is entirely optional. On the other side, decorate your Christmas Card however you want. Here’s mine: (You may be pretty surprised at the drawing, cause honestly, I am definitely not the best artist in the world.)

3. Now you’re almost finished! Just flip to the very back of this card and write who it is from, and who it is for. I decided to have extra fun with mine and so I made them into a pine tree and a snowman. There is also some tape on it to make it seem  like it was stuck on. For even better results, you can actually try and cut some out to tape on!

      …And there you have it. A wonderfully spectacular-looking Christmas card for a friend (or family member). Hope this DIY was fun, and don’t forget to add comment below. 



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