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DIY Decorated Gift Bag

My friend’s birthday is coming up soon, and I thought, “This is just the right time for another DIY!” (not to mention it is New Year and I have already made one just seconds ago) This DIY is going to be somewhat like one I made in October, called, Painted Storage Box. That one was very simple, yet turned out to be pretty good, and I’m sure this one will be too.


  • Acrylic Paint of your choice of colors
  • Sharpies
  • Ornate Tags
  • 1 Paper Bag
  • A Gift for Your Friend


1. Paint the paper bag with some acrylic paint (I prefer using only one or two colors). This will be the background. I added a little bit of swirls for some decoration. After you’re done painting, wait for a minute so the paint can dry.

2. Now choose one side of the bag and using a sponge, dab your friend’s age that he/she will be turning onto the bag. (If this is not a birthday bag that you are making then just leave it blank or do whatever you want with it.

3. Grab an ornate tag, and write: For: [Friend’s Name] From: [Your Name] with sharpies. Also don’t forget to write happy birthday (/whatever reason you’re giving this gift). After that, you can loop a string through it and tie it on the handle, stick it on, slip it in the bag, it doesn’t matter. I stuck it on because I ran out of string.

4. Get the gift you have prepared for your friend and wrap it up in tissue paper. Then, carefully put your present inside the bag. Maybe have a birthday card tag along with your gift.


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