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DIY Desk Organizer

It’s the perfect time for some tidiness around the house after all that Christmas shopping. I know personally that my desk is full of stuff that I bought earlier in the week and is in need of an organizer. I decided not to buy one, and make one instead!


  • Liquid Glue (or glue gun)
  • Small-Medium Boxes (with no tabs/lid)
  • Small-Sized Duct Tape
  • Furniture Protection Cushion
  • Craft Knife
  • All of the random stuff on your messy table

1. Take a look at all your boxes. Think… How do you want them to be arranged?

2. Start glueing. Make sure each the brim of each box is touching all of the other box’s brims. You may want to mark the places you want to glue first, in case you mess up.

3. Once everything is in place, go ahead and start sticking the Duct Tape on the brim of the almost-finished organizer.

4. Now all you do is clean up that mess on the table, put it in the organizer, and bam! You’re done (I cut a slit with the craft knife at the left-top corner).

This DIY was turned out to be so amazing, I think it’s the best one I’ve made so far, and at the same time, it is oh so useful.


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