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DIY Paper Bookmark

Hey guys, it’s Lisa, and I’m back with another awesome DIY to share! I have found this very useful in the past and I hope it will be the same for you guys. 

  • 1 Piece of Origami Paper
  • Glue Stick (Do not use Glue Gun or Liquid Glue!)
  • Sciccors
  • Lamenater (Optional) 

1. Firstly, let’s start by folding your paper in half, then opening it. There should be two tabs: One on the right, one on the left. Pull those two towards the fold you made by folding the paper in half. Press firmly on the fold.

2. Apply glue along the perimeter of the paper. Make sure when you close the tabs, the glue holds them together; it shouldn’t be on the outside.

3. Now pull the two tabs back together following your very first fold.

4. Next, ut along the top right corner to add some touch to it if you like. Secure the edges back together if loose.

5. You may laminate it so it can stay clean and new, but be warned, because there might be some side effects!




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